5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

This became surprisingly sentimental. I promise they were all chosen randomly.
  1. This first one is from the tv show Stargate SG-1. When the team was out on a mission and wanted to return home, they'd press 7 symbols, the seventh being this one. It means earth/home. I watched this show with my parents and it's very close to my heart. If I was ever to get a tattoo, I'd probably get this.
  2. Anyone who knows me, or more specifically texts me a lot, knows I LOVE GIFs and picture responses. This is one of my favorites for many reasons. I'm glad this is on the list.
  3. The only time I take selfies is if someone is in the picture with me. I'd rather remember us than remember myself. I forgot we took this picture. My mom, my sister, and I took a selfie before seeing Linda Eder in concert in 2014. It was a special moment for us, and a very good concert.
  4. My grandparents when they were dating. To know them was to know what being in love means. They were married for 55 years. He passed away 5 years ago, and I'm so glad I have this picture to go along with all the mental pictures I have of the time I spent with him.
  5. I love making new friends, especially this one. After I finished my last semester in college, my sister's best friend (and my new friend) got me a book that is a tie in to a favorite show of mine. He then wrote in it, something few people do anymore. You're one of a kind Max, and I'm glad you're in my life.