Best "Big First Kiss" Moments in Television Shows I Watch and Love

In honor of Valentine's Day (Part 1): They're the ones you've been rooting for, whether you realize it or not. Please note: All of the spoilers. While I want you to read this, I also don't want to ruin anything. Gah! I'll do my best to keep names out of it till it's absolutely necessary. If you haven't seen the show, skip to one you have!
  1. Friends
    Their first kiss was a season and a half in the making. While it started off angry and heated, what I appreciate most is how quiet and calm he returns. This is his moment, the one he's waited over a decade for and he knows he'd be a fool to leave... Yes okay Ross technically cheats on Julie ("Once a cheater always a cheater")... But... It's Ross and Rachel and it's still amazing.
  2. The Office
    The first of many on this list... What is it about a surprise kiss? In all honesty, how do they work? You've never kissed them before, you may not be a good judge of height or depth... What if you miss? How does one recover from that? So, unless you grab their face, it's very risky. But dammit Jim Halpert, you can surprise kiss me outside of Michael's office every. damn. day. And I promise, if you miss, you'd get a Take Two.
  3. Parks and Recreation
    What I appreciate so much about their relationship is that the show let it be realistic. These two weren't kept apart because either was damaged or jealous or stubborn. It was a legitimate work vs love concern. And while my favorite moment is at the city's smallest park, Ben and Leslie's first kiss is so satisfying (another surprise kiss.) We've all been there, we've all thought "uh oh", but Leslie said it. And we love her for it.
  4. Gilmore Girls Part 1
    This time it's the girl with the surprise kiss! I don't know which I like better: that she kisses him or her reaction after. Their relationship took a rather natural course, but I love that Rory and Jess had their time in the sun. This moment is what every girl wants to do... Kiss the loveable bad boy... By a lake... At a friend's wedding. Amy Sherman-Palladino, did you take a peak at my vision board all those years ago?
  5. Gilmore Girls Part 2
    Years in the making. It's a beautiful thing. I love that they are so comfortable with each other, that they know each other so well. Yet in this moment, each one is terrified but wants to go for it. And they both get to. How often does that happen? It's a beautiful moment between Lorelai and Luke that's ruined, in perfect Gilmore Girls fashion, by a screaming, running, naked Kirk. Man that show was good (for a while.)
  6. The West Wing
    Took. You. Long. Enough. I'm not talking about the characters, I'm talking to the writers. Apparently they had wanted this to happen years earlier but kept pushing it off and pushing it off. But nonetheless, it finally did. Donna and Josh, man. I've been rewatching the show (again) with my best friend and to see their chemistry from day one... The show didn't have to make it obvious with looks or moments like so many do these days. They just let these two characters be and it was beautiful.
  7. Community
    Admittedly, this is a controversial choice. But I was always a fan and I thought this was a nice (albeit weird) moment. I think, though, that kind of defines the show as whole. Weird, but nice. Community only made sense to Community and even though Annie is much younger than Jeff (on the show) and if memory serves Jeff is with someone else at the time, I think the show wanted to do something meta with "big first kiss moments" and did so successfully.
  8. Arrow
    It's just in a hallway. Not in the rain, not after a big fight or some life or death situation. He wanted to show her how he felt and, in typical Oliver fashion, use as few words as possible. They make me happy, Oliver and Felicity. One thing I love about Arrow is how they didn't force a couple together from day one. They let the characters, the actors, find their own rhythm and define themselves as people in this world. And just as in real life, you can't help who you fall for, canon be damned.
  9. Doctor Who
    It's satisfying but also not. You want it but you also don't. It's the Doctor but not THE Doctor. And he and he and she and we all know it. But to see Rose finally get her moment, what she travelled time and space and parallel universes to get to, it was wonderful. I read a quote from Billie Piper and she compared it to Beauty and the Beast. You love their first kiss but secretly wish she had been able to kiss the Beast. I hope that wasn't the last we'll see of Rose and The Doctor.
  10. NCIS
    Oh these two. The problem with procedurals is how much of the show is taken up by episodic cases when really what we all care about is the people who solve them. I miss Ziva so much, and I hope she comes back for Tony's exit but this kiss was very satisfactory and very them. Although, was it their first?... They'll always have Paris, and we never will.
  11. Farscape
    Life or death. One of many situations between these two. I always liked that these guys were friends first and foremost. If something happened, good or bad, they dealt with it maturely and moved on. John and Aeryn are one of my favorite tv couples and watching them grow together was an absolute pleasure. This kiss though? If I only had a few minutes of oxygen left I'd probably do the same.
  12. Castle
    It's him. It's the deep breath and the way he touches his lips. It's the way he follows her afterwards. Yes, also the double kiss. The first may have been for show but the second most definitely was not. Castle loved her from minute one and Kate finally made a move. Under cover? Sure. It doesn't matter. It meant something and was the start of some great moments.
  13. And this is for all those shows, all those moments, that haven't happened yet. I'll keep watching, and waiting... and waiting...