New Tv I'm Going to Try to Watch in 2016 (Updated)

It's a long list, most will probably (hopefully) drop because I just can't add any more... But I won't know till I try right?
  1. Angie Tribeca // STILL WATCHING
    Watched the pilot, ready for the next episode. // I haven't had the chance to keep watching but I know I will. Usually I am able to multitask but with this show you've gotta pay attention so you don't miss anything. And that's how tv should be. No need to swipe through social media or play a few sudokus on my phone.
  2. Billions // NOPE
    Watching the pilot right now. Intrigued but not glued to the television. // Nothing about this show made me want to go back. Things better REALLY change or I don't see how it'll continue. That's a lot of time and money to make a show about whose is bigger...
  3. Mercy Street // STILL WATCHING
    The trailer piqued my interest and I'm wondering how Josh Radnor will do not only in a drama, but in a period drama. // I don't know about this... But I'm interested. I want to figure things out. I'm digging the cast and want to see how these characters grow.
  4. Legends of Tomorrow // STILL WATCHING
    Watch the other two so why not? // I actually think this show is really fun. The action sequences are good, there are enough characters to spread out the time evenly, and despite the story hinging on time travel, if you just sit down and let it wash over you it's a pleasant ride. It's a fun hour. Not Game of Thrones or anything, but it's better than other shows out there. For sure.
  5. The Magicians // DECIDED TO NOT EVEN WATCH
    Read the books, always love to see how an adaptation turns out. I think there's a lot of room to interpret because of all the skipped time in the story. // Maybe I'll watch it if it gets a second season, but I have no problem waiting... And that's not a good sign.
  6. Outsiders // GOOD BUT NOT FOR ME
    Like the idea, like the cast. // Well made and the story is very interesting. I don't really have many complaints, it just isn't my jam. I want to root for these outsiders since they're who the story is about but I'm not attached to anyone enough to want them to succeed. Maybe (hopefully) that'll change. But somebody will have to convince me.
  7. You, Me and the Apocalypse // STILL WATCHING
    Jenna Fischer! // What did I just watched? Twins! Swastikas! The Vatican!... I... Do I like this show? I really don't know. It's an hour long which I was not expecting and I don't see how the show can go on for a while (maybe it's only a miniseries.) But I want to find out. Handcuff me and throw me in a van (it's not as rapey as it sounds) because I'm on board for the time being.
  8. Vinyl
    Hmmm... I don't know about this.
  9. 11.23.63
    Don't know about this one either...
  10. Love
    Hmmm... After not really liking Master of None, I don't know how I feel about Netflix comedies.
  11. Underground
    Really interested. Way to go WGN with new content!
  12. The Path
    I... I just don't know. But I'm willing to find out.