Distraction is key because broken computers are scary
  1. Go to Starbucks
    Sit there and really take your time to taste the coffee. Practice mindfulness
  2. People watch the mall walkers
    Then decide to join them because there is nothing else to do and it is a good way to exercise and get to know the mall
  3. Go and get free samples everywhere
    Teavana, sephora, bath & body works, popcorn bistro
  4. Help a girl pull a ring from her finger
    Tip: try soaking it in ice water
  5. Cancel a phone interview because you are having so much fun!
  6. Call your mom
    When in doubt always call your mom
  7. Think a lot about the paper you have to write today and how much you don't want to write it
  8. Make weird eye contact with the man working at a kiosk
  9. Have a dance party in Abercrombie
  10. Try on ridiculous outfits