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Shows, podcasts, and activities that have helped me heal since the election & feel ready for what's next
  1. Chewing Gum
    On Netflix. The first thing that made me laugh after Nov 8th
  2. Call Your Girlfriend
    I've loved the podcast since I first heard it, but I've especially found comfort in listening to Ann & Aminatou
  3. Los Campesinos!
    I forgot I liked this band!
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  1. Melody
    Cheats on her newly paraplegic husband with his brother
  2. Bart
    See above. Also slut shames his younger sister, orchestrates the accident that hurt his brother, is really mean to his mom and uncle/basically his dad, and is a raging misogynist
I'll probably end up doing like two of these
  1. Sleep
  2. Watch Master of None
  3. Buy weed
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  1. Children of Men
    Don't trust white people with dreadlocks
  2. Ex Machina
    I really want to have sex with Oscar Isaac
  3. Rosemary's Baby
    Don't trust men
5 more...
  1. More Beyoncé
    There are currently no Beyoncé songs which I'm pretty sure is illegal in this day and age
  2. Less Megan Trainor
    One Megan Trainor song is too many
  3. Maybe some TLC
    How about Waterfalls? Or Unprettty?
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  1. Is the supposed to be a knit or a purl?
  2. What stitch am I on?
  3. Oh god...
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