Shows, podcasts, and activities that have helped me heal since the election & feel ready for what's next
  1. Chewing Gum
    On Netflix. The first thing that made me laugh after Nov 8th
  2. Call Your Girlfriend
    I've loved the podcast since I first heard it, but I've especially found comfort in listening to Ann & Aminatou
  3. Los Campesinos!
    I forgot I liked this band!
  4. Making Art
    Creative expression is always important, and it's even more vital now. Plus, making stuff is fun!
  5. Degrassi
    It's been a balm for the soul. All of The Next Generation is on YouTube, and The Next Class on Netflix is excellent
  6. Talking to People I Like & Care About
    And spending time with them too! Things are uncertain and scary. Reaching out and connecting with people we love reminds us we aren't alone
  7. Unscrewed
    A feminist sex podcast that has really smart guests on. Jaclyn Friedman is great.
  8. Drinking Tea
    It's cold and tea is comforting
  9. Teen Vogue
    Getting my political news and feeling good about the next generation. Plus, I get good Who news through them
  10. Who? Weekly
    One of my favorite podcasts. On the "Who's There?" ep right after the election there was a great comment from a caller about top Who Chloe Grace-Moretz that made me giggle, and it helped. Plus, the Facebook group brings me daily joy