1. More Beyoncé
    There are currently no Beyoncé songs which I'm pretty sure is illegal in this day and age
  2. Less Megan Trainor
    One Megan Trainor song is too many
  3. Maybe some TLC
    How about Waterfalls? Or Unprettty?
  4. More 80s divas
    There is no Whitney, no Madonna, and it is bullshit
  5. Elton John
    Like any Elton John. Any.
  6. Talking Heads
  7. More Bowie
    Currently they just play Golden Years. Why not Ziggy Stardust, Modern Love, or anything from Hunky Dory?
  8. No songs that talk about good girls/bad girls
    That's just boring and annoying
  9. Anything where the Wrecking Crew was involved
  10. More mid to late aughts music
    I have a special place in my heart for Pretty Girl Rock, which is kinda cheesy, but would be great at work
  11. No Megan Trainor
    I'm very serious about this