Last year I dared myself to a resolution of doing or experiencing something for the first time at least every month... It was a success ☺️
  1. January - 12 day detox program
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    It was gruelling 12days of full discipline. I lost 4 kilos!
  2. January - CATS!
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    For my 39th birthday, I went to see Cats!
  3. February - 10km hike at MacRitchie Reservoir
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    Went on a 10km hike with Mhalou. It took us about almost 4hours.
  4. February - Self-made Donuts
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    First time I cooked donuts. The fried version, although I can not form them into the traditional donut shape. Recipe care of my pastry chef cousin Jeremy.
  5. March - Macau
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    Went on a weekend trip to Macau with my very good friend Shana. My first time in Macau!
  6. April - Donated my Hair
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    I did not hve my hair cut for almost 2 years as I am aiming to donate them for cancer patients wigs. I donated 10 inches of my cut hair.
  7. May - Lea Salonga at The Esplanade
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    It was my first time to watch our very own Lea Salonga in concert and my first time inside the very grand Esplanade theatres.
  8. June - The Swan Lake
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    Since no one can come with me, I watched The Swan Lake for the first time. It was my first time to watch a ballet and my first time to see a performance at the MBS theatre alone. All good!
  9. June - Mass at Thailand
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    I was on a business trip. It was my first time to attend mass in Thailand.
  10. July - Sunset up in the air
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    First time to watch the sun set from my seat aboard a plane. I always choose an aisle seat in most flights.
  11. August - Henderson Wave Bridge
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    Siree and I hiked 5km to the bridge, then watched the sunset from there. First time.
  12. September - Soam Sushi Roll
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    My first time to make the super delicious spam sushi roll. And my weight gain begins...
  13. October - Japan trip
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    So many first times for October during my first trip to Japan. I love this country!
  14. November- Walking to Marina Barrage
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    I initiated a wellness activity with co-leagues. A first time for me and to walk 5+km from our office to the Marina barrage.
  15. December - Cirque du Soleil
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    My first time to watch the Cirque du Soleil and in a tent! Super exciting!
  16. December - Singapore Wedding
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    The very first Singapore wedding I attended. Very interesting and I am glad I went to witness a friend's happy occasion.