Where I watched critical sports games throughout my life

  1. 2006 World Cup Final aka the Headbutt
    At a bar on the beach in the Caribbean. It was basically just a box like Lucy in Peanuts but instead of psych evaluations they had cold beers.
  2. 2008 Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals
    In a casino in San Jose, Costa Rica. In fact I watched nearly all the games there. They knew me by the end and expressed condolences for my loss
  3. That weird 2007 Steelers - Dolphins game that ended 3-0
    At a brothel in San Jose with my two roommates who had never seen a football game before and asked, "so games are just guys barely moving, no one scores and nothing really happens?" And I was freaking out of the absurdity of the game with no one to commiserate with. Also intoxicated men kept falling out of rooms around us with their pants barely on
  4. 2009 Game 7 Stanley Cup Finals
    After watching each previous game at that same Costa Rican casino, I caught a last minute flight home to watch with my family.