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Hillary Rodham Clinton is making history today. It's a BFD. Remember how far we've come, not just for the ladies out there...for anyone who's been held back or pushed down and refused to accept it. This one's for you.
  1. Get a credit card without a man to co-sign
  2. Start a business without her husband's permission
  3. Rent an apartment without her husband's permission
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Two weeks in India with the in-laws-to-be has made for lots of comments, some welcome, some less...
  1. You are built like a man.
    From the tailor who just couldn't make that custom blouse fit -- at all.
  2. You look like a doll!
    When trying on clothes that look nice or fit well.
  3. Oh, she eats with her hands!
    Earned me major props with the extended in-laws-to-be when I dug in on that idly.
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  1. Watch the Today show
  2. Use a washcloth
  3. Wear a robe
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  1. the truth works
  2. how real America (not my adopted coastal bubble) sees political candidates
  3. when someone is that intolerable, they're probably hurting on the inside
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  1. Today, I started choking immediately while being filmed eating lunch
  2. At my first business lunch, I neglected to tell my host she had a peppercorn in her teeth. After an agonizing hour, I went to the ladies room to discover I did, too.
  3. As a kid, I learned the map of the U.S. upside down, from a puzzle I did sitting across from my mom. Florida and Texas, up there...
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