Two weeks in India with the in-laws-to-be has made for lots of comments, some welcome, some less...
  1. You are built like a man.
    From the tailor who just couldn't make that custom blouse fit -- at all.
  2. You look like a doll!
    When trying on clothes that look nice or fit well.
  3. Oh, she eats with her hands!
    Earned me major props with the extended in-laws-to-be when I dug in on that idly.
  4. Just add ponds cream and push!
    The posts on earrings here are at least 3x the diameter of posts at home. This hurts - a lot.
  5. Madam
    All the time, by just about everyone.
  6. 😱
    when I explain to tailors and shopkeepers that my dad is 6'7
  7. Eat more!
    So. Much. Food.
  8. "What do you do," said no one, not once.