I plan to update this list regularly. What are your favorite Oakland spots?
  1. Fish Tacos at Cholita Linda.
  2. Cocktails at Plum Bar
  3. Hawaii Mac&Cheese at Homeroom
  4. "Grand" Pizza at The Star
    Add artichoke hearts. Add roasted garlic. You're welcome.
  5. $4 toast at Trouble
    First: the no cameras allowed directive at the counter. Second: the white stallion figurine behind the splash board. I changed my answer to just toast. And, imagine, thick slabs of brioche toasted for crunch that still offer chewy give. I like Nutella but imagine their cinnamon sugar option is mighty fine too.
  6. Cafe latte at Timeless
    You'll never know it's almond milk. The foam is creamy and thick, a perfect foil to their strong espresso and coffee.
  7. Sopa at Xolo
    Perfect cool weather comfort food.
  8. Fried chicken - Hopscotch
  9. Vegetable Tart-Brown Sugar Kitchen
    I met Chef Tanya Holland once. When she asked for my name, I replied "Vegetable Tart." It's that good.
  10. Ginger Berry Scone - Sweet Bar Bakery
  11. Falafel - Shakewell
    Great lunchtime value too. Avoid the crowds; go at lunch.
  12. Chilaquiles - Grand Lake Kitchen
    They don't disappoint. While you're there, if they've got it, pick up a bottle of 510 kombucha. Locally-brewed by someone with deep roots in the culinary school world, the flavors are complex and scintillating. My favorite is the Spiced Apple that's only made in the winter.
  13. "Special" Ham sandwich - Modigliani's
  14. Dumplings - Shan Dong
  15. Hand-pulled noodles - Shan Dong
  16. Breakfast Hide-out - Mama's Royal
  17. Vegan sandwiches - Analog
    The folks behind San Francisco stoner-food spot, Benders bring their sandwich prowess to Oaklandia.
  18. Hot Mama Huda at Ike's Sandwich Lair
    Get the Dutch Crunch bread. There's a reason it's their most popular choice and it's homemade.
  19. Double chocolate chip caramel brioche cookie at Firebrand
    Oh, man. I'm not sure any other cookie in history has had so much depth. This is the beat poet of cookies.
  20. Caldo Tlalpeno at Calavera
    Everything you could want in this traditional caldo makes it the stunning winner from a compelling menu. The secret is the broth. Always.
  21. "KFC" - Korean Fried Chicken at Lin Jia. What more could you want than a spicy sweet glaze on crispy chicken. Plus, it comes with a ridiculously good side of slaw.