As a kid I loved going to the Texas State Fair in October. True to carnival form, fair food is fried with relish and zeal. This is the home of the Corny Dog (don't call them corn dogs) and the Big Tex Food Choice Awards. Everything is bigger in Texas and quite curious when it comes to food options. We investigated. I still have questions.
  1. Fried lemonade
  2. Chicken fried bacon
    Crunchy or soggy?
  3. Red velvet funnel cakes
    Red food dye? Cocoa powder? Cream cheese powder dusted on top?
  4. Fried S'mores
    Toasted marshmallow + chocolate sandwiched between grahams & then dipped into batter & fried?
  5. Fried Taste of Autumn Pumpkin Pie
    Did they add imported ground red and gold fall leaves from Vermont?
  6. Cotton Candy Beer
    Available in blue or pink... Sweet and hoppy? Floral? Fruity? Malty?
  7. Smoky Bacon Margarita
    Because bacon?
  8. Chicken-fried lobster with champagne gravy
    Is lobster the new chicken-of-the sea?
  9. Lone Star Pork Handle
    What part of the animal is a "handle" exactly?
  10. Fried Beer-Battered Buffalo
    Great balls of firey spice?
  11. Pretzel-crusted pollo queso
    You dip, we dip, they dip?
  12. Deep-fried alligator's egg nest
    Tastes like chicken?
  13. Cowboy corn crunch
    No cowboys were hurt while frying?