1. BEFORE: Ho Yan Hor - green box - add sliced green onion and fresh ginger. It tastes like broth. I drink this just as I'm beginning to feel a tickle of sickness.
  2. BEFORE & DURING: Hot and sour soup - I'm a fan of sweating out sickness- if it can't take the heat, get out of my body.
  3. BEFORE & DURING: Grounding herbal infusion - it smells like dirty socks but gets the job done.
  4. DURING: runny instant oatmeal tastes like a massage for a sore throat.
  5. DURING: Mint or Ginger herbal infusions - caffeine-free, comforting or with a kick.
  6. DURING: Chicken soup, preferably homemade and made with bone-in chicken.
  7. DURING: Tom Kha Gai Soup- it's creamy (but no dairy so no instigator of nasty phlegm!) and mild with a bit of tang.
  8. DURING: Rooibos or Honeybush herbal infusions- I like adding lemon and honey. Typically, I will drink this before bed as rooibos is purported to help with sleeplessness.
  9. DURING: Hot water- if there was a water fountain of hot water, I would be planted in front of it.