Inspired by real life events. I am keen to hear what you might add to this list from experience or conjecture.
  1. Pick a killer outfit. Change. Think about if the outfit is too dressy for the venue. Change again. Go back to the original choice.
  2. Try to distill down 20 years into a 2 minute elevator pitch.
  3. Expect to be surprised at connecting with someone you marginally spoke with in high school who now you could see yourself hanging out while having a beer.
  4. Expect to be surprised at the awkward moment of silence and furtive glances from someone you were close to in school but have nothing in common with now.
  5. Take a wingman. Bonus points if your name is Jeri and you bring a friend named Gerry.
  6. Come up with a code word in case you need to make a quick exit from a long-talker.
    AKA: I saw they were serving "black salmon."
  7. If they're serving shrimp, bypass it. There's nothing worse than being a close-talker with shrimp breath.
  8. And, finally, you've made it! Out of high school & out of a fun reunion.