As a child I had a runaway train imagination and the future careers to prove it...
  1. Opera singer
    I think this had something to do with the Placido Domingo version of La Traviata. The costumes! The love story! The songs! The Consumption! I found this gem on "a diva's dying guide for opera singers that is a trip to read:
  2. Fashion designer
    At one point I owned 18 Barbie dolls. The point of owning that many dolls? Stripping them of their store-clad clothes and instead outfitting them in hosiery and other materials I could finagle into outfits. I doodled clothes, especially ball gowns during this period and put together notebooks of outfits I liked / shapes / textures.
  3. Interior decorator
    Okay, my grandmother lived with us for a few years before she passed away and one day she remarked that the thunder had been quite loud the night before. My mom shot me her special expression reserved for when I had been most naughty. See, I was notorious for growing bored with how the room looked and so I would move furniture / reconfigure the room even in the middle of the night. I liked (and still do) how patterns / textures / colors / shapes play together.
  4. Paleontologist
    I'm pretty sure those of us within spitting range of the release of "Ark of the Covenant" might have had similar notions. Traveling to Egypt and unearthing historical treasure, yes! Seeing a guy's face melt from looking at the ark of the covenant, notsomuch. Don't get me started on the monkey brains for dinner in the sequel. By then I'm pretty sure I hung up my Indiana Jones hat.
  5. Writer
    Of all of the jobs I thought about as a kid, this is the one constant. And, while I can say that I am in many ways, a "working writer," I would never as a child have envisioned it would look like this.