*as many as I can think of right now
  1. Checkers
    Are you 85?
  2. Chess
    There is always one 12 year old kid who is weirdly good at this unnecessarily complicated game, so I always end up losing to some tween punk. Apologies if you are that 12 year old. Its... probably pretty fun for you.
  3. Shutes and Ladders
    I mean. It's fine.
  4. Candy Land
    Shutes and Ladders but with candy.
  5. Scrabble
    It's all fun and games till someone starts playing words in Latin or some other bullshit. There's always someone.
  6. Monopoly
    Worth it for the indescribable high of landing on a railroad. Would be higher if you didn't spend whole days of your life playing this game. Still fun though.
  7. Settlers of Catan
    Come at me you LARPing nerds! I could play Settlers of Catan every day! Every day!
  8. Balderdash
    The absolute funnest game. (Not sponsored by Balderdash. Could you imagine!)