Recommendations of material objects that will temporarily make you forget we'll all be dead someday

  1. A cup that changes color when you pour a cold beverage into it
    How does it do it? Probably chemistry maybe? Wow, what magic. Gives a full three minutes of blissful peace to your mind as you stare mindlessly at the pretty colors
  2. Heart shaped sunglasses
    Push the Lolita imagery out of your mind and focus on how cute you look in these! Protecting your eyes from the sun and your brain from the existential dread that no one will love you the way you love them. Heart eyes!
  3. A lush bath bomb
    As the colors diffuse in your bath allow yourself to forget that eventually your bones will be dust.
  4. A spork that is also a knife
    If you don't think this is cool and start to fantasize how you could probably live in the woods, a true survivalist, with one of these bad boys I don't know what tell you. Your heart is dead. It's too late for you.