1. Sleep in but not too late
  2. Make a great big breakfast and tidy the kitchen immediately afterwards
  3. Dress in something cute but comfy
  4. Uwajimaya/Fred Meyer run!
    Make a list and follow it. Don't forget the wine!
  5. Take a walk somewhere, anywhere. Rain or shine
  6. Read at least 2 chapters of something
    Your library books are probably due soon!
  7. Get at least a small assortment of things ready to donate to Goodwill
    There is always something. In my case 5/6 of what we own!
  8. Drink wine with lunch as you make a really delicious dinner!
    You have to talk to your Mom later and she will know if you had more than one glass.
  9. Text friends with encouraging thoughts and emojis because you love them.
  10. Write something. Anything.
  11. Hug the kids and tell them school won't last forever!
  12. Briefly think about the week ahead but only until you start feeling uneasy, then go drink one more glass of wine.
  13. At least begin to organize something. Come on, LeBlanc!
  14. Do enough laundry so the men aren't in a hissy looking for clean socks and pants
  15. Tell yourself tomorrow will be ok
  16. Believe it
  17. Call Mom
  18. Watch something on TV to make you laugh or cry or both