I don't understand these things
  1. Sportsball (Sweaty people and their balls)
  2. Why you can't recycle everything yet? Come ON!
  3. How people can drink lukewarm coffee-BLEH!
  4. Marajuana use, it stinks for realz.
  5. Tattoos on your face. How are you going to be a cute old lady/man now?
  6. Super high heels. Dumb.
  7. Most computer lingo. I can copy and paste, listen to podcasts, play with apps, email and Instagram you guys. I'm not 1000. Only 100.
  8. How are there a zillion cold viruses?
  9. The maths after simple multiplication/division/percentages. Yo, I'm out.
  10. Zombie love
  11. Long fingernails. How do you type your lists?