1. Citrus fruits in a bowl
  2. Color palettes especially with pale golds, turquoises, mossy greens, mangoes, pinks and soft creams lately. But I love color!
  3. Cute old ladies together, laughing
  4. Sunsets and probably sunrises except I never get up that early
  5. Animal faces
  6. Ultrafine Sharpies
  7. Typography
  8. Flowers
  9. Soup: making it, eating it.
  10. Kids' drawings and poems and stories on classroom walls
  11. Lists, especially in handwriting
  12. Seed pods
  13. Vintage stamps and cookbooks
  14. Old photos
  15. Cemeteries! I love them.
  16. Libraries!
  17. Pompoms even though they are trendy, I still love them
  18. The ocean, nothing like losing your worries on the beach.