1. Carmex
    Since I was about 14. Need it.
  2. Ultra fine Sharpies in black
    I like the other colors but black is essential. If I don't send you a thank you it might be because I couldn't find the right pen.
  3. My kindergarten report card
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    It is especially darling with very dated and charming illustrations.
  4. Francis Francis espresso machine
    It's a very loyal friend who serves me well
  5. My iPhone
    I am addicted.
  6. Cheap black flip flops
    I always have these. My footwear of choice.
  7. A box of Cheez Its
    My Mom had this addiction and she passed it on.
  8. DVDs of Love, Actually, My Neighbor Totoro, The Sound of Music and The Station Agent
    I really love a lot of movies. Maybe that could be another list...
  9. A snail shell
    It fits my personality.
  10. This photo of my husband and I from 1987.
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    It might be 1986. My first trip to Thailand, we stayed two months and went everywhere.
  11. My library card
    I love the library and carrying books around.
  12. A cute cardigan sweater
    I love cardigans and I always get chilly so...,
  13. A walking map of Portland
    I never use maps when I walk but I do love walking especially downtown.
  14. A million photos of my two best pieces of work, Noah and Clay
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    This one is 2 years old but I really like it. Now the younger one is 6" taller than the older one.