1. Maple Street Book Shop
  2. Cafe au lait and beignets from Cafe du Monde
  3. Supermarkets with aisles of grits and hot sauces and the ladies who work there
  4. Polite gentlemen in button downs
  5. Giant sprawling oak trees and Spanish Moss
  6. Audubon Park
  7. Old mansions with exuberant colorful foliage
  8. Slow conversation and people who really care how you are doing
  9. Music music everywhere! There's always a party if you want one.
  10. Shrimps! Crawfish! PoBoys!
  11. Spicy hot and temperature hot!
  12. Interesting faces, interesting lives
  13. Cracks in sidewalk, old places exquisite in their decay
  14. Your craziest accessories can be worn daily
  15. I feel like myself
  16. Cemeteries and family
  17. Childhood memories of Popsicles in the grass with friends