1. Impatience for most people
    I can't, 99% of the time. USE YOUR WORDS, GODDAMN IT. LET'S ALL BE PERSONS.
  2. Complete lack of work/life balance
    I love working all the time! Deal with it!
  3. Inability to complete a sentence without cursing
    Fuuuuuuck yes.
  4. Attachment to phones/email
    You may have my phone when you pry it from my ... never. You may never have it.
  5. Social circles consisting only of coworkers/work obsessives
    My friends and I like to hang out and plot world domination and I will have it no other way, ever.
  6. Freakishly high goals/delusional levels of ambition
    World! Dom! In! Ation!
  7. Use of the phrase, "Fuck-a-dee doo-da, fuck-a-dee-yay"
  8. Side-eye/full shade
    Mostly: I just want to be Sue.