1. Does Glen still have Betty's hair?
  2. Did Helen Bishop's other kid grow up to work for Olivia Pope?
  3. Paul Kinsey is totally the guy who would play Wonderwall at a party on his acoustic guitar
  4. WTF happened to the cake Don never brought to Sally's birthday? Did he eat it?
  5. Where did he get the dog?!
  6. Where did the dog GO?
  7. Polly is a strange name for a dog, but my cat's name is Barry so I can't really talk
  8. We should've been writing think pieces about Trudy this whole time
  9. The sandwiches on the sandwich cart haven't been refrigerated how is no one ill
  10. I want to know more about Midge's wigs
  11. I would make a terrible secretary both in 1960 and also now
  12. Peggy's bangs. We've all been there.
  13. Don Draper would be a lot less commanding if he'd called himself Kevin