Things I Should Write About

  1. Body hair
    I've recently just stopped shaving my legs. Mostly because I do not have time for that and also I'M LAZY AND DON'T CARE. Also helps that the people I care about/hang around with DO NOT CARE EITHER. I recently watched a Buzzfeed video about a group of women who did let their pubic hair grow and I honest to God did not know this was such a revolutionary thing. I mean, wearing a bathing suit is not my favorite thing for this reason...but I still don't do anything about it (see above).
  2. The sacred nature of time in the bathroom
    Honestly just any reason to use this gif
  3. What autism looks like in my life
    The smiles, the meltdowns, the back rubs, the slaps, the kisses (out of both affection and anger)
  4. How damn good I look in a flower crown
  5. Why this chick is one of my most favorite people