1. Oatmeal with pesto and Parmesan, any sautéed vegetable
  2. Cacio pepe
  3. Rice cake pb&j
  4. Applesauce-homemade
  5. Yogurt, granola, honey, fresh fruit
  6. Popcorn
    Butter and salt, coconut oil and sugar, truffle oil and salt, coconut oil and pink sea salt with dark chocolate nibs (on here twice bc it's that good)
  7. Burrito bowl
  8. Three ingredients cookie butter sugar flour
  9. Butter sage on top of whole wheat pasta or veggie ravioli
  10. Pumpkin seeds with salt or coconut and chocolate
  11. Soy sauce Roasted almonds
  12. Oatmeal cookies
  13. Coconut dream bars
  14. Tuna w mayo apples celery kale red onion
  15. Rice cake w goat cheese and honey
  16. Kindney beans w bruschetta sauce and feta
  17. Wheat bread with peanut butter honey and banana
  18. Cheerios banana and almond milk
  19. Cucumber salad
    Rice vinegar, tomato, red onion, diced cucumber, salt and pepper. Add black beans and avocado day of for full meal
  20. Pesto oatmeal/polenta arugula fried egg and sundried tomato
  21. Shrimp nugget tacos
  22. Rustic bread with ricotta/yogurt/hummus/avocado etc
  23. Olive plate with fruit and cheese
  24. Coconut oil popped popcorn with Himalayan pink sea salt
  25. Cucumber with lemon salt and pepper
  26. Pita bread toasted with olive oil and zatar baked and served with hummus/tatziki
  27. Tempura Cauliflower tacos
  28. Roasted broccoli(frozen or raw) with olive oil, walnuts or almonds, 2 cloves of garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper
  29. Roasted peppers with zatar(optional really) and topped with feta (also optional potatoes)