1. Extreme gardening
    Applying for a student govt position three weeks before I graduate what is there to lose and also I love EXTREME GARDENING
  2. Static
    Obsessed with Leandra's outfit and had to save. Not something I could easily replicate but I'm loving every minute cause it makes me feel SO ALIVE
  3. Hungover babysitting
    Is it time to stop babysitting on weekends or time to stop drinking like we do on weekend nights?
  4. Powdered sugar on fried chicken
    It came to me after indulging in a space cake en route to London one morning. Powdered sugar on friend chicken. Has it been done before? How can I trademark this? Less sticky than f.c and waffles (syrup fingers...) and a lot more flavorful imo. Haven't actually tried this yet but once this juice cleanse is over. OHHHH baby