1. Took piano lessons for 12 years
  2. Love Edgar Allan Poe
  3. Cuss like a sailor. Daily.
  4. Read 75-100 books/year (30k pages)
  5. Went to Italy when I was 16
  6. Eat steak rare
  7. Am left-handed. Only for writing.
  8. Had my gallbladder removed when I was 26
  9. Was called Preppie in college
  10. Don't like beer
  11. Worked at Dairy Queen in high school. Would never eat at one today.
  12. Can list the books of the Bible in order. And spell them correctly, too.
  13. Traveled to 32 states in 10 months for business.
  14. Had a sister die of cancer.
  15. Am terrified of mice.
  16. Have never gotten a speeding ticket.
  17. Refuse to watch The Wizard of Oz.