I see a lot of movies.
  1. Room
    I think about this movie every day.
  2. Star Wars Episode VII
    I drove over 800 miles to see this movie in the best theater imaginable. And I loved it.
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road
    I love a simple story paired with an elaborate...everything else.
  4. Ex Machina
    Seems attainable.
  5. The Martian
    A lot could have been better but still top notch.
  6. In the Heart of the Sea
    I'm the only one that liked this movie.
  7. Sicario
    Deakins plus 505 pride.
  8. Bridge of Spies
    Spielberg gets it.
  9. The Hateful Eight
    Hitchcock plus Tarantino.
  10. 99 Homes
    Just another reason for me to be afraid of Michael Shannon.