1. Brianna showed up uninvited to my birthday party
    She used to be part of our group but has alienated herself
  2. And declared there was something that she had to tell everyone
  3. She was dressed for a running race, with a bib and everything
  4. I came to the door to greet her, tried to give her a hug and accidentally stepped on her feet
  5. She freaked out but eventually her and her boyfriend came and sat down
  6. I kept trying to get her to say what she supposedly came to say, but her boyfriend kept interrupting her by making small talk with people right next to her
  7. Then someone saw a hedgehog outside
  8. And brought it inside and let it loose around everyone's feet
  9. Eventually we grabbed it and put it outside
  10. That's when I noticed the hedgehog-wild pig hybrid that was on my lawn
  11. It was terrifying
  12. But also seemed kind of friendly?
  13. I ran back inside and shut the door and when I looked out the window there were suddenly 5 of them
  14. If you've made it this far, congratulations you were just tricked into hearing about my dream from last night
  15. Like and relist or a hedgehog-wild pig hybrid will haunt you for the next 3 years