1. Some might say I have a little trouble making decisions for myself
  2. I usually call/text my sister pictures of everything I want to buy if it's more than $50
  3. On Sunday I had to buy a ski jacket for the first time - I texted 3 people, had a 30 minute phone conversation and eventually purchased the first jacket I picked up after 2.5 hours in the store
  4. So the next day when I when to pick out new glasses, yea my mom straight up refused to come with me
  5. And when I texted my sister she blew me off saying she "had class" and "hockey practice"
  6. I tried on 4 pairs of glasses and sent pics to the fam
  7. My mom said: "I like those!"
  8. She thought they were all the same pair
  9. Then when I explained the differences between each pair (yes they were all black cat eye-ish types so not obviously different via picture but w/e) her favorite was my least favorite
  10. Obviously I can't trust anything anymore
  11. And I had been at Lenscrafters for about 3 hours
  12. So I gave up. I've waited 6 years for new glasses, I could wait another couple days.
  13. Also the ones I liked the best were hellaaaa expensive even with our insurance coverage, and if I don't LOVE it I'm not dropping $400 on em
  14. So I did some research online and found a much cheaper option
  15. I went to the place by myself
  16. I didn't text my mom or sister any pics
  17. I decided on a shape and color on my own
  18. And I bought them! All by myself! 🤓
  19. And the guy only upsold me by like $25! 🤑