Bear Mountain Kicked My Ass

"Sunday Funday"
  1. First, we got there and the parking lot was "temporarily" "full" so we drove down the road a bit and found parking on the street. Conveniently, there was a trail entrance right across from where we parked
    The "P" right by Hessian Lake is where we wanted to park, the "P" all the way down at the bottom is where we least we didn't have to pay the $10
  2. The plan was to take the red trail (Major Welch) up the mountain, and the white trail (Appalachian Trail) down, but now we had to walk a mile up the Blue/Blue-Red trail (177E) to get to the base of the mountain
  3. Going under the road to get to the main park area
  4. Sign explaining the trail we had just walked
  5. Bear Mountain, before summit attempt
    I guess there were a lot of cars
  6. Obligatory trail pointer pic
  7. Major Welch's first insane rock scramble
  8. View from the top....
    .....of the first major scramble
  9. After the next scramble, incredible views of the Bear Mountain Bridge and Hudson River....
    ....maybe 2/3 of the way up? I'm already down 1.5 water bottles at this point
  11. For some reason we climbed an additional 5 stories to the top of Perkins Tower??? Not sure why but it was cool
    The top is accessible by road so there were a ton of people up here
  12. Scenic views on the way down the AT
  13. Fun Fact: the section of the AT at Bear Mountain is the oldest/original section of the AT. It has however undergone "renovations" and the portion down Bear Mountain was largely rebuilt in 2010 and has over 800 stone steps
  14. Very pretty, though not as "hike-y"
    (This I did not mind in the slightest, as the climb up was quite taxing)
  15. Made it to the bottom! 4 miles and 20,000+ steps later
  16. Now we just have to get back to the car....