Buzzfeed Quiz Results That Were Surprisingly Accurate

I don't screenshot the ones I disagree with don't @ me
  1. I don't know anything about makeup, so I went into this one pretty blind but it came out pretty accurate to what I've always thought I wanted
  2. I haven't seen this movie in years...and yet I don't remember calculus 🤔🤔
  3. I fucking love geography, Sporcle was my shittttt
  4. This quiz was a win-win because I would sign up to shovel elephant dung if I could do it with Milo Ventimiglia
  5. Yea
  6. This was probably the least accurate buzzfeed quiz I've ever taken, I am quite happy with my height of 5'1 thankyouverymuch
  7. Ya pretty dang accurate tbh, I'm an intellectual betch 😘
  8. Yea. (This reads like a horoscope which I don't really believe in except when I read it and I'm like OMG THATS ME ITS WRITTEN IN THE STARS)
  9. Yea, again pretty accurate in a horoscope-y way but I'll take it
  10. YUP
  11. Sporcle was my #1 procrastination technique in college #nerdalert
  12. I just drink a lot of coffee. Also a few lucky guesses.
  13. Damn you Trinidad and Tobago 😡
  14. I was nervous to take this one, but it holds up 👍🏻🍕