ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED PUBLISH INSTEAD OF SAVE TO DRAFTS, too lazy to delete and retype while I try to think of more things
  1. I buy 10 new books before finishing the 5 I'm already in the middle of
  2. If you hand me a pen, I will put it in my mouth
  3. I obsessively track every penny i spend every month, yet I'm consistently $100 over the budget I set
  4. Rationalized spending $300 on a plane ticket with the following logic: well I just spent $300 this week on prescription sunglasses, and if I can do that then I can goddamn visit my best friend
  5. Keep a ton of lists in my drafts because I feel like they're too short to publish, but never go back and work on them
  6. If I go to the grocery store without a list I will forget one crucial item. Every. Single. Time.
    Also, I went with a massive list one time to get stuff for a party, organized the list by aisle, got everything on the list, and realized when I got home I forgot to put feta cheese (which was crucial) ON THE LIST. Ugh.