Everything that made me go "HUH? 🤔" as I was organizing the tool room

This room is a disaster and I barely scratched the surface
  1. What could we possibly be saving these for?
  2. Why?
  3. This is just the surface. We have at least 2 more boxes of this tile
  4. 2 dustpans. Why?
  5. Tupperware full of loose hardware. How is this useful??
  6. This is hanging from the ceiling, for I don't know how long
  7. What does this old timey key belong to? Do I want to know?
  8. String, fine. But why is it re-wrapped around a piece of cardboard??
  9. One of these things I not like the other....
  10. Why. Do we. Still. Have this.
  11. A flashlight that WORKS!
  12. A flashlight that doesn't work. Plus a No Smoking sign? No one in my fam has ever smoked.
  13. What even is this? It was heavy
  14. Giant potato masher!!
  15. Idk what these are, but we got a full drawer of them!
  16. I was in that room for hours before I spotted these. It was like an ISpy book.
  17. 3 drills.
  18. 2 sanders.
  19. 3 jigsaws.
  20. I threw this out immediately.
  21. The weirdest of all - a string that disappears up into the ceiling 😳😳