This room is a disaster and I barely scratched the surface
  1. Static
    What could we possibly be saving these for?
  2. Static
  3. Static
    This is just the surface. We have at least 2 more boxes of this tile
  4. Static
    2 dustpans. Why?
  5. Static
    Tupperware full of loose hardware. How is this useful??
  6. Static
    This is hanging from the ceiling, for I don't know how long
  7. Static
    What does this old timey key belong to? Do I want to know?
  8. Static
    String, fine. But why is it re-wrapped around a piece of cardboard??
  9. Static
    One of these things I not like the other....
  10. Static
    Why. Do we. Still. Have this.
  11. Static
    A flashlight that WORKS!
  12. Static
    A flashlight that doesn't work. Plus a No Smoking sign? No one in my fam has ever smoked.
  13. Static
    What even is this? It was heavy
  14. Static
    Giant potato masher!!
  15. Static
    Idk what these are, but we got a full drawer of them!
  16. Static
    I was in that room for hours before I spotted these. It was like an ISpy book.
  17. Static
    3 drills.
  18. Static
    2 sanders.
  19. Static
    3 jigsaws.
  20. Static
    I threw this out immediately.
  21. Static
    The weirdest of all - a string that disappears up into the ceiling 😳😳