1. is weird
  2. Every so often the thought strikes me...
  3. Head hair is just a bunch of dead stuff hanging off our bodies
  4. But it's so hugely important in society for so many different reasons
  5. We cultivate it and it often reflects our personality, it's what we want to portray ourselves to the world as
  6. But it's literally a bunch of GROSS DEAD strands hanging off our heads
  7. Like everyone's SO grossed out when it's no longer attached - in our drains, on our coats, in food
  8. But we comb it, wash it, cut it, style it, color it, braid it
  9. Talk about it - curly, straight, natural, kinky, thin, thick, brunette, blonde, redhead, long, short, pixie, bob, bangs, middle part, side part
  10. Don't even get me started on body hair