Halloween Retrospective: The College Years

  1. Freshman Year - Minnie Mouse
    Cute but not *sexy*
  2. Sophomore yr - Snookie
    It was super timely (at the time) god I caked on so much bronzer
  3. Soph yr pt 2 - Powerpuff Girl
    TBH never seen an episode of this show, just going along with the group here
  4. Jr Yr
    I think I skipped junior year and went home?
  5. Sr Yr - green m&m
    We picked our colors based on who already owned clothes in what color
  6. Senya year pt 2 - honestly this is my favorite of all as it showcases my laziness and resourcefulness...definitely wore it out at least 2 nights
    I was out of ideas so I just wore orange and black and covered myself in Halloween themed stickers #SorryNotSorry #cameltoe