Or the totally true story of how I revealed to my mother she was fulfilling a year (life?) long wish of seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, told through screenshots
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    For at least the last year, maybe 2 since she starting working in NYC, my mom has been begging us (her husband and 5 [mostly] grown children) to see Phantom of the Opera with her
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    Last year on my moms birthday I took her to a Penguins vs Devils game
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    She's a Penguins fan, so seeing them play in New Jersey was right up her alley - plenty of loser Devils fans to heckle when the Pens beat the Devils in OT
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    And I got us some pretty good seats - this picture of my future brother-in-law is not zoomed baby
    It is a screenshot from my own insta tho because I have no idea where the original is backed up to
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    So this morning I bought the Phantom tickets and then it was time for the fun - deciding how to tell her (especially fun since the show is only 2 days away)
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    I texted with my sis a bit
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    But I decided to go with something a little more mysterious
    Forwarded the email from last year's hockey tickets with a new ~*cyptic*~ message
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    Her response, 3 hours later
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    My fave part is the question to question mark ratio ❤️❤️❓❓❓
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    Then rather than reply to the email...I decided to text some clues
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    Rolls Royce Phantom
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    Phantom drone
    Tbh I wouldn't have gotten the car thing or the drone thing either
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    Phantom fireworks
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    Phantom Menace
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    Still not sure...
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    Danny Phantom, Phantom Tollbooth
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    Those ????? again 😚
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    She's getting on board now....
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    Last one I sent:
    The exclamation points tell me she's figured it out
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    I can't wait!!😃😃