1. Facebook
    Everyone from high school/college I could possibly want to stay in touch with. I scroll through my feed a couple times a day but hardly ever post anything myself, usually only when my friends beg me to share pictures of them I took on my phone.
  2. Twitter
    Mostly follow comedians, celebrities who are entertaining and news sources and my cousins who are younger and cooler than me. I tweet usually a couple times a day, just random thoughts or sports related things, everything that other people would put on Facebook but I don't want to over share there...a few real life friends and my uncle/boss are on here so I keep it pretty clean
  3. Instagram
    Post maybe once a week, sometimes I wish I could post more but I don't want to be that girl who posts 5 instas a day...I try to only post pics that I really feel strongly about sharing...takes me forever to come up with captions
  4. Snapchat
    I had snapchat when it first came out and Drunk Annie was not responsible enough to to handle it (i only decided this after 2+ years of irresponsible snapping) so I deleted it for almost a year...recently redownloaded for the face swap trend but I'm thinking i might delete it when I know I'll be drinking heavily? Mostly use it to send those cool filters to my sister and bff and post snap stories of my dog
  5. Tumblr
    Could never really figure this one out...but I liked that I could have a url of whatever I wanted so I own a bunch of tumblrs with no content...should probably delete but w/e
  6. List App
    Post the thoughts that are either too long or too personal for Twitter...love that I don't know anyone in the community in real life, yet I feel so connected with people here...this also makes me sad to think about sometimes