1. Last night when it became clear who was going to win
  2. This morning my coworkers watched Hillary's concession speech in the conference room
  3. But I knew I wouldn't be able to stand it
  4. First, I know when I watch it I'll cry.
  5. I've been getting choked up all day just thinking about it all.
  6. I don't want to be around people who don't understand when I watch it.
  7. And no one in my office has come out and said out loud who they were supporting/voting for.
  8. But I can tell. They're not upset.
  9. My corner of the office is known to be jokey and snarky and I just can't do it today.
  10. So I've had my earbuds in, listening to old comedy podcasts because it's all I can take right now.
  11. I am disappointed and angry and frustrated and sad and I feel unheard.
  12. This is the first election I've voted in and I feel unheard.
  13. And I know that I'm exponentially more privileged (white, middle class, college educated, etc) and stand to lose so much less than so many others in this country.
  14. Today I feel fragile.