1. I have so many things to do tonight
  2. I'm hosting a huge party on Saturday
  3. I even took the day off work tomorrow to be sure I could get everything done
  4. But I'm just sitting in this chair
  5. I feel so overwhelmed
  6. I have a list of everything I need to do, planned out practically to the hour
  7. But I feel like I don't know where to begin
  8. I feel frozen
  9. There are so many things to do but I can't go back in time and start them sooner
  10. So I'm just sitting here wasting time
  11. I just keep refreshing all my social media but there aren't even any updates to see
  12. Okay I did the thing that's been weighing on my mind the most and stressing me out the last few days and it wasn't terrible and I'm still alive
  13. Still have so much to do for the party but I'm feeling better about tackling it
  14. I got everything done and the party was really awesome and perfect, and I was able to forget about the things, besides party prep, that we're stressing me out for a bit
  15. But I'm getting a tight nervous feeling in my chest and I've been ruminating all day