I am 24 years old living at home and I love my family but I also love traveling on the weekends to see my friends who are living their lives away from me
  1. Plz don't use this list to stalk me or rob my house 🙏🏻
  2. Tomorrow:
    Technically I'm helping my friend move apartments 😒 but I always have so much fun going out in Baltimore
  3. Next weekend:
    My college roommates bridal shower...never been to a shower nor Long Island before...tbh just hoping to run into Theresa so she can tell me my grandparents love me
  4. After that:
    I AM SO EXCITED FOR MINNESOTA. Visiting my best friend from college who I haven't seen since Sept (it feels longer than it sounds) and ahhhhh yay
  5. Some time after that
    J-shore for friends bday. My mom says "aren't you guys a little old for birthdays?" And I say you're never too old to day drink and pass out by 8:30 jk lol I just mumble and say it's whatever
  6. In June:
    Martha's Vineyard for the classiest bachelorette party I've ever been too. This is the first bachelorette party I've ever been to so that's an automatic.