*cue Hoobastank music*
  1. I've been known to ignore individual texts but then reply to group messages that the person I ignored is part of
  2. Also while we're on texting etiquette, this:
    That was a lie, I knew I wasn't going to the gym
  3. I have bought new underwear because I didn't feel like doing laundry. Also new bedsheets.
  4. Every few weeks I recommit to drinking more water but i quit after 1 day because I don't enjoy running to the bathroom every 40 minutes
  5. If plans involve leaving my house with the potential of seeing my crush I will make it happen. If it involves leaving my house to go to a platonic friend's house to watch a movie, I'm gonna stop answering my phone
  6. All day at work I think about how much I want to organize my life, clean my room, get rid of clutter and then when I get home I watch 3 episodes of The Mindy Project, 2 episodes of Game of Thrones and go to sleep
  7. I am just nearsighted enough that I can't watch tv without my glasses, but I don't always wear them when I'm driving because "technically" I'm not required to
  8. I consider myself a Taylor Swift fan but I am HERE for Calvin's tweets today