I usually have a lot of complaints, but I don't want to be a negative presence here (that's for twitter), so I am only telling you about the 1 thing that most annoys me
  1. When scrolling through my main feed of the people I follow, if I look away or close the app for more than a few minutes it loses my place
    Even if I'm clicked into a list, it will spit me out and put me back at the top
  2. Like on Instagram, unlike Twitter where it always keeps my place where I left off scrolling
  3. This problem doesn't seem to happen if I'm scrolling through the featured/trending page though, it always keeps my place there no matter how long I'm gone
  4. Sometimes I think I'll just check li.st rl quick and there's more new content than I was expecting, and then I get death glares from my boss for being on my phone
  5. But I don't want to miss seeing a single one of all your amazing lists ☹️ #FOMO
    Side note: i had to explain to my 16 year old brother what FOMO was....somehow that made me feel old?
  6. Does anyone else experience this/does it bother you?
  7. Tagging @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas on the off chance this is something you've noticed/worked on