1. Technically, the first concert I ever attended:
    Zootopia Spring 2005 - one of those radio station mega-shows with like 10 of the most popular artists of the year. Jesse McCartney 4ever❤️. Went with 3 friends and 2 dads.
  2. My first concert that was a *real* band:
    Great Big Sea Spring 2006 - a Canadian rock/folkish band from Newfoundland. My dad saw them on PBS or something and got really into them. My family has been to 10+ concerts. Also my mom's first concert.
  3. My first music festival:
    Bamboozle, Spring 2007 - I thought I was going to write Bonnaroo, Summer 2015 here but then I remembered the "festival" I went to in the Meadowlands parking lot with basically my entire high school. We saw every band we listened to that year, highlight was the unannounced Motion City Soundtrack set.
  4. My first *grown up* concert/proper concert experience:
    Vampire Weekend, Winter 2008 - back when they were the *new thing* I was a senior in high school and the concert was on a Monday night. Still love them. First time I saw someone smoking pot.