I have a problem. Organized oldest to newest, so stick around to see my latest solution to all of my problems.
  1. Old Navy jeans jacket
    I think I got this for back-to-school for 8th grade, so 2004. I NEVER wear it. But I can't throw it out because it's not terrible, I just hate that it's "stretchy" jeans material not real jeans material
  2. Black pea coat
    I got this coat in 2005 for my Confirmation. Fun Fact: the pockets are made out of thin lining material and have been completely ripped for 11 years.
  3. White (ish) rain jacket
    Got this in 2008 for when I went to China. Definitely didn't wear it until at least 2012.
  4. Cropped "pea" style jacket
    Bought this from Forever 21 in approx 2008, and it was worth every one of the $22 I spent on it. Great for college parties where everyone throws their coats in a giant pile.
  5. Not Pictured: Yellow Rain Slicker
    Purchased in 2009 from college bookstore because I showed up to college without a rain jacket. I know I have it...must have overlooked it in the closet
  6. Not Pictured: black fleece
    2009. Purchased with the marching band, customized with my first name. Confuses me every time I wear it and someone I don't know calls me by my name.
  7. Longer maroon jacket
    2012, also from Forever 21. I wanted something longer/fancier than the red coat. Unfortunately not really warm enough to be practical in a Boston winter.
  8. JCrew toggle front
    Approx 2013. finding this coat was a divine intervention. I walked into the sale section and it was hanging from the end of a rack, in my size, 60% off. And it has a hood. Sold.
  9. Purple/maroon puffy vest - forgot to include in the photo shoot, luckily I have this super amazing picture in my camera roll
    2014 I think...I was so exicted to wear this to a football game at my alma mater, I even paid for expedited shipping. Then it was 75 degrees in November and I had to leave it at home :(
  10. Light fall utility style jacket
    Summer 2015, purchased at an outlet shop. I wanted a green one but my sister told me all the ones I picked out were ugly. She approves of the dusty blue slate. No hood tho 😕
  11. Quilted blanket coat?
    It looks pink in this picture...it's not. Purchased online from Anthro (my kryptonite) for $30 in 2015. It's actually pretty warm and super comfy.
  12. Ski Jacket
    Purchased in a I'm-going-skiing-for-the-first-time-spending-frenzy in Feb 2016. It's pink on the inside 😒 but it was only $60 so I couldn't pass it up. So many pockets!
  13. White jeans jacket
    I spent 3 weeks and $300 (before I returned the rejects) trying to find the perfect white jeans jacket this summer. This is it, but also I only wore it 3x because I didn't want it to get dirty.
  14. (faux) Leather Moto Jacket
    Welcome to the Fam! I'm in love 😍