My Luke's Diner Experience

  1. Luke Danes would never have custom print coffee sleeves...Lorelei must have masterminded this marketing strategy
  2. First off, let me start this list by saying I didn't physically go to any of the Luke's Diner pop up cafes myself
  3. There was only 1 in New Jersey and it was located nearby me, but in a very inconvenient city to get to on a Wednesday morning before work
  4. However, it was conveniently located for my brother, just 2 blocks from his high school
  5. 😜‼️❗️❕❗️‼️❗️❕😍😜🤗😛🤑😃😁😆
  6. AND he had a late start for school today
  7. AND he had just binge watched the whole series for the first time this summer, so he was pretty down to visit
  8. He got there about 8:48 and was out of there about 9:54
  9. He doesn't even drink coffee
  10. So he saved the cup and the sleeve AND THE COFFEE all day to bring home to show me
    We even got to use the snapchat filter!
  11. Not sure why he decided to hold onto the coffee for all of school, and then his entire hour long commute home
  12. But I ain't mad