1. I'm trying to develop a healthier relationship with food
  2. Just before I fell asleep last night, and then again this morning as I was contemplating breakfast I gained some clarity
    Hopefully it sticks with me this time
  3. Last night around 12:30, when I should have already been asleep, I felt a slight twinge of hunger and thought about the delicious Irish soda bread downstairs in the kitchen
  4. And how scrumptious it is covered in a thin layer of salted butter 😋😋
  5. And then I shut off my lamp, turned on my audio book of Persuasion and was asleep within 10 minutes
  6. This morning as I was getting dressed I thought about what I wanted for breakfast
  7. And then I thought about what I did the night before
  8. And I realized that when trying to eat healthier every single thing I put in my body is a choice
  9. I can choose that Irish soda bread and butter
  10. Or I can choose not to eat when I know I'm not hungry
  11. This morning I chose to pack up my oatmeal with pecans to eat at my desk at work with just a sprinkling of brown sugar
  12. Instead of stopping on the way to work to get a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter
  13. Because usually I would tell myself "it's Friday, I deserve a bagel" or "it's going to be a long day, I deserve a bagel" or "I haven't had a bagel all week, I deserve a bagel"
  14. But I don't deserve a bagel
  15. I deserve to treat my body with respect and to feed it nourishing foods that will help me achieve my weight-loss and getting-healthier goals
  16. Every thing I eat is a choice, and I need to get better at making the choice that's right for my body, not my brain
  17. And hopefully making those choices will get easier with practice
  18. But when I got to work this morning, and took my oatmeal cup to the kitchen for some hot water, what do I find?
  19. Bagels
    happy birthday Tim 🙄