My only experience with FNL is everyone I know telling me how good it is, and that Amy Schumer sketch
  1. A minute and a half in to episode 1 and this is definitely not the vibe I was expecting...more gritty/documentary kind of thing and the poverty thing of the guy who lives with his grandma
  2. Minka Kelly as a high schooler! How old is this show again?
  3. "Get up son. Get up." From coach Taylor...getting a Miracle vibe here when Herb Brooks makes them skate after they lost to Norway
  4. I have a feeling I'm going to like this blonde chick ragging on Minka Kelly at the diner
  5. AND coach Taylor is sitting in a room watching film and his wife walks in to talk to him his hair looks just like Herb Brooks'....maybe I've seen Miracle too many times
  6. "I'm thinking about starting a Christian speed metal band" I really want to know what that is but also terrified to google it
  7. The shaky camera from all different wacky angles and then zoom and and out...I know zero about film/directing/cinematography but this just gives a weird vibe totally different from what I expected from this show
  8. So curious which player the coach's daughter is gonna end up dating
  9. This quarterback guy seems to just agree with everything everyone ever says...waiting for him to blow up
  10. All these old ladies hitting on the high school boys!!! Whatttt
  11. Blond chick's name is Tyra...for my future reference
  12. Why does it look so cold while theyre practicing?????? It's supposed to be the first game of the season right, aka it's AUGUST and they're in TEXAS?!
  13. That's fucked up
  14. Obviously not happy for this kid who might be paralyzed...
  15. But pretty excited for Saracen
  16. UPDATE: okay I stopped live-listing after Street was paralyzed and saved this to my drafts. But I am now halfway through the the first season and stand by every thing I wrote here so I'm publishing it now